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​​​​What is Reiki

​​​​​Reiki, (pronounced ray-key), in the Japanese Character system, is a combination of two separate words. “Rei” meaning “universal spirit, a boundless essence” and “Ki” meaning “life force energy”. Together their meaning is roughly “Universal life force energy”.  

Scientifically everything in our universe is made of life force energy all animals, plants & human. Look under a microscope and you will see everything and everybody as moving particles of energy.

There are all types of energy fast moving, slow moving, positive and negative energy, dense energy that makes solid forms, and healing energy’s such as Reiki.

Reiki practitioners are attuned to energy symbols that allows them to access the energy and bring it to them on demand so the energy flows to them and through them, out through their hands and into the person there working on.  Energy can also be sent distantly through intention and symbols.

 Everyone experiences different things during a Reiki treatment.  Some may feel heat, cold, vibrations, see colors, sense of floating.

The experience is different for each person.

Reiki promotes healing both physical and emotional, is 100% safe and very relaxing.

The medical industry is now recognizing Reiki as a holistic add on to a medical treatment plan.  Major’s hospitals have Reiki Practitioner on staff to offer treatments in various departments.

Reiki is never in place of medical treatment.

     Reiki Level One class
Cost: $150.00
This is a certified class that will teach and attune you to the beautiful healing universal energy. Pre-registration and payment is required to hold your space.

Reiki Level Two class
Cost $200.00
This is a certified practitioner level. This class teach and attune you to the reiki level two symbols. Pre-registration, Reiki level one and payment is required to hold your space.